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Ingredients of Figure 8 Fitness

The program we are discussing in this review consists of workout DVDs and videos that focus on three-dimensional exercises and "dynamic core cardio training". Each workout lasts for about 30 minutes and targets your core muscles, which include external obliques, rectus abdominus, back muscles, internal obliques, and transverse abdominus. Is there any science behind the product? It may sound strange but there was really some research that proved the effectiveness of core conditioning cardio. According to WebMD, you are expected to burn a greater amount of calories with cardio than with resistance or strength training. The latter will not lead to considerable weight loss because it is unable to burn enough calories. Besides, Harvard Health Publishing claims, that the work of inflexible core muscles strengthens your arms and legs. A strong core contributes to stability and balance. The work of core muscles can help prevent injuries during sports. In fact, a strong core underpins everything you do. According to, low impact aerobic dance helps to reduce body mass in overweight middle-aged women. Aerobic dance is as useful as cycling or jogging in improving aerobic power and body composition.

Where To Buy Figure 8 Fitness?

The program sells for three payments of $19.99 plus shipping, so the total cost is $59.97. The actual shipping cost is not listed on the official website. The site says that you are given 60 days to try the product, but the Terms and Conditions section says that all FX Fitness products come with a 30 day warranty. The cost of the system is quite high, taking into account its volume. It is available on such platforms as Apple TV, Android, Roku, iPhone, DVD, iPad, and PC. Adding the DVDs, you will need to pay an extra $9.95. No equipment comes with the Figure 8 Fitness system, even though you are recommended to use a "light resistance band."