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Lo-bak Trax

Lo-Bak TRAX is a FDA-cleared medical device with a unique design that was specially created to treat lower back pain. The system has a look of a set of bicycle handles. All you will need to do is to lie down, hold your hands of the handles, place the leg rests on your legs, and insert the triangle "bar" between your legs, applying some pressure. People with lower back pain are said to benefit from the use of this device. Using this unit, you can relax your muscles, take pressure off your spine, and feel comfortable. Before we discuss how the system works and whether it is really as effective as claimed, let us take a look at who makes it. Well, the product was made by chiropractor Roland S. Berthiaume who formed a company called NGC Industries in 2011. The company has been selling Lo-Bak TRAX ever since via online and infomercial sales mainly. The product itself has been in development since 2000. At present each device costs $159.95. The creator of the product, Dr. Roland F. Berthiaume, has been practicing for more than twenty years. The doctor himself had suffered from lower back pain almost all his life. He created Lo-Bak TRAX to improve his own condition and to help others treat their back pain effectively and comfortably. To bring the device to the market, Dr. Berthiaume cooperated up with a mechanical engineer named Thomas Valentine. Together they formed NGC Industries in the United States where Lo-Bak TRAX is still made.

Does Lo-bak Trax Really Work?

Lo-Bak TRAX appears not to always work as advertised for the treatment of lower back pain. The product is cleared by the FDA and has undergone a six-week clinical trial that showed its effectiveness. However, it was conducted by the manufacturer; thus, its results cannot be trusted completely. On Amazon, the device has got many customer reviews, both positive and negative. With about forty reviews the product has got an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. The most common complaint referred to the ineffectiveness of the device to cure back pain permanently. In some cases it did provide some relief. The system cannot put the same pressure on your body as clinically proven back pain treatment systems. High price for a small piece of medical equipment is another drawback of the product. But the greatest drawback is that it does not work for everyone. At the same time, there are things that people liked about the Lo-bak Trax. Some users say that the device works to relieve their pain caused by bulging discs and that is more portable than other treatment systems for back pain. The product also comes with a DVD offering exercise recommendations. However, most customers are not satisfied with the company's customer service. Even though the product comes with a lifetime guarantee, not all users are pleased with the quality of the product. They say it is not worth the money it costs.

Ultimately, the customer reviews for Lo-Bak Trax have a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. Negative reviews on third-party websites show specific problems that major of which is that the device does not work to treat lower back pain. Actually, it is difficult to find a device that would treat the condition in 100% of users. Some users of Lo-Bak Trax indicate that it relieves their back pain but does not remove it completely. One of the complaints is that there are no disclaimers when purchasing the product. Only after opening your purchase and reading the instructions you find out that this item is not recommended for all the conditions associated with back pain, for instance, a spinal fusion. For this reason you are advised to read the "warnings" attentively before using the device, otherwise you may harm your health. Don't forget to consult your physical therapist. Try it carefully when using it for the first time because it might provide an easy stretch for your psoas muscles which are tight due to the fusion. You may face the problems in your pelvis. In this case you are recommended to consult your doctor and stop using the device immediately. Other conditions may also be a big concern before using Lo-Bak Trax.

Many customers report difficulty returning the product and getting a refund. Remember that there is a 30-day return deadline. People who have had back surgery and injections are not recommended to use the device, otherwise their back problem may get worse. You may get problems with other parts of the body too, despite following all the directions. The reason is getting the stretch in your legs or hands because you need to push these parts of the body when exercising. One user writes that he used his palms to push the junction of his hips and thighs, so he has worked out his hands instead of relieving back pain. Some users are not satisfied with the shipping times of the product. You may need to wait for more than three weeks for the product to arrive. The manufacturer recommends to use the device not on your bad days when you are unable to stand up, but on your good days when you are filled with strength. This system is theoretically useful to decrease certain back conditions, but it may not work for some users. If you do not get any noticeable relief from your pain, it is better to talk to your doctor. Return the item as soon as possible. Here are some of the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Lo-bak Trax is theoretically useful for relieving some back conditions, but it did not work for my wife. She stopped using this device after she has not received any noticeable relief from her back pain after using the device for a month. In fact she said that the device has made it worse. It is not only useless, but it can worsen your situation. I can't recommend buying it to anyone."

"Be very careful with Lo-bak Trax. I have used this product for about a week. Usually I did it only twice for a count of twenty and everything was fine. But two days ago I did it three times for a count of twenty. I don't know what happened but now I can barely move. I followed the directions and didn't even do it as long as the manufacturer recommends. So be careful. All back issues are different and you never know which one you are suffering from. This device can potentially make your condition worse."

"Unfortunately, I cannot use the Lo-Bak Trax but I didn't know that when I ordered the product online. I have learnt about that only on the day it arrived together with a user manual. Reading that manual I learnt several safety warnings. One of them was that it should not be used if you have an aortic aneurysm. I am disappointed that I wasn't warned about it before buying the product. Amazon needs to post these safety warnings on their page to prevent potential buyers from purchasing a useless product."

Where To Buy Lo-bak Trax In Stores?

Lo-Bak TRAX is available online through the official website and It can also be found on the television shopping network QVC. One unit is priced at $159.95 and it comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The product can be bought from Amazon at about the same price.