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Navage Nose Cleaner

Clearing sinuses without medications has become real with a new device called Navage Nose Cleaner. This is a handheld nasal irrigator that uses suction to clear the nasal passages in an effective and natural way, according to the company behind the product. This patented system decreases the need to take exact measures of ingredients and to clean it up. You can see the presentation of the device at Commercial TV. The creator of the system is said to have suffered from recurring sinusitis and wanted to find a way to reduce the discomfort when having the condition. He also intended to create a device that would decrease the number of sinus infections. The man found that a neti pot relieved the symptoms of sinusitis and irrigated the sinuses quite well. Using this device, he thought that there pulling the saline solution through the sinus passage might be more convenient and comfortable than being pushed through the sinus passage.

The Navage Nose Cleaner uses saline pods, so you will not have to worry about measuring or mixing the ingredients. The device has two nostril plugs. One of them pushes the liquid into the nostril and the other plug pulls the saline through your sinus cavity. The idea of using suction differs from the concept of pressure used in a neti pot. This technique is said to be more convenient, efficient, and comfortable. So, the main principle is the use of suction power instead of pressure. The company that manufactures this product first launched in Canada but it is currently based in the USA, Cleveland, Ohio. Navage Nose Cleaner requires setup; but once the salt body is fitted and the batteries are installed, it is ready to use.

Does Navage Nose Cleaner Really Work?

According to the users of the device, sensations from the cleaning process are difficult to describe. At first, you will have to insert nasal pillows into the nostrils and press the button halfway to create a vacuum effect. At this period of time, sensations may be very uncomfortable, but, as the manufacturer claims, you need to get accustomed. Then you will press the button all the way to make the salt water flow into one nostril. Due to the suction the saline solution is pulled through the sinus cavity and then stored in the lower tank. The process of cleaning your nose will take up to 20 seconds. While the sinuses are cleaned you are recommended to breathe through your mouth and not to talk. Otherwise, the saline solution will drain down the back of the throat. Remember to keep your mouth closed when starting the process. When the water starts to flow, you can open your mouth and breathe as usual. Before finishing the process, close your mouth to check whether all the solution is removed from the sinuses. To do this, blow your nose. Some people report that the sensation is similar to getting a small amount of pool water into your nose. No one finds the effect of the system pleasant, though.

You are expected to feel relief after the first use already. You will breathe easier, since the system relieves sinus pressure and clears the sinuses. The Navage Nose Cleaner is claimed to be easy to use and promises to reduce any congestion in the nasal cavities. This machine cleanses both nostrils at a time, which means that there is no need to switch to the other nostril. Your entire sinus passage will be cleaned in 20 seconds. This system should be used two times a day; but actually, you can use the nasal cleaner as frequently as you wish. But can Navage Nose Cleaner relieve sinus headaches and restore sense of smell? Can the system stop using addictive nasal sprays? Let's try to answer these and more questions by taking a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

One man writes that it is a complete waste of money. He has had five sinus surgeries and he claims that the Navage Nose Cleaner may probably cause more harm than good. This machine cannot create proper suction, and at the same time it shoots water with such force that water gets into your throat and your mouth! The guy said that he would stick with his regular sinus rinse. Another customer also decided to give it a try but she found that the suction in the system is very weak, thus it can hardly be effective. According to this woman, the squeeze bottle type of nasal irrigation is more effective and cheaper, just like the Neti Pot. Navage Nose Cleaner is definitely not worth the money it costs. Some users report that the unit eats batteries very quickly. The unit has low quality and will last not more than six months. It's time to read actual users' reviews left online.

"I have had three sinus surgeries and I decided to try the Navage Nose Cleaner system; however, it was not a good idea. I don't think the device actually pushed the liquid up high enough into my upper sinuses. As soon as I started using it I was getting sinus headaches. I was disappointed, since this machine was expensive and required salt pods. I sent the Navage back to the company within 30 days. I think this system can help people with slight or average sinusitis only. I have returned to my Neilmed system"

"The Navage NoseCleaner was not helpful for me at all. I still suffer from chronic sinusitis. I thought that if I got started with it I would see relief. But I cannot use the product as my nasal passages are not clear. What use is that? If your nostrils are blocked it will not work at all. This device is for healthy people only. If you are looking for relief from blocked nasal passages, this product is not for you. Total waste of money!"

"I saw the Navage nose cleaner advertisement on HSN while recovering from the surgery. Before buying it, I have used a neti pot for nine years. The advertisement did not state anything about the necessity to buy salt water pods separately. The device is useless without these pods. You will need to spend $11.00 every 20 days. In the meantime I returned to my old faithful neti pot! I do not recommend Navage"

Where To Buy Navage Nose Cleaner?

The product can be bought from the official website and some retail stores. It is currently unavailable on Amazon. One unit costs $49.95 plus $7.95 shipping. If you spend more than $100, you will get free shipping. The Navage website also offers some other products, for instance, SaltPod Packs. One 30-pack is priced at $14.95.